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Youth's attitude towards rape

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Re: Youth's attitude towards rape

Hey @taokat Well done on handling this potentially damaging situation so well.

I love the way you put your daughter's feelings at the centre, it's such a wonderful attribute.

It's hard to imagine how that will ever steer you wrong.


I wholeheartedly agree with @motherbear and @mum2twins that this is a big issue but I concur with @mum2twins veiw that your daughter's trust is paramount. I think the difference would be if it had happened to you, then you could deal with the boy and his mum, without any worries.

But it didn't. It happened to your daughter and she then disclosed it to you.

If you take it beyond her wishes, the logical step for your daughter may be to stop disclosing.


Please let us know how you go with the coach. Or, if you need some support before you approach him, then ask for it here.


We got yo' back. 


Re: Youth's attitude towards rape

Absolutely keep her trust ! You know your girl best, and keeping an open communication channel in this instance far outweighs the bigger picture.  Well done to you, speaking to the Coach is a great way for you to feel you have done your bit as a parent and keeping your daughters confidence , you have done your bit as a loving, caring supportive Mum . Win win ! best of luck.

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Re: Youth's attitude towards rape

Thank you @Ngaio-RO@motherbear and @mum2twins,


I really appreciate all your advice and suggestions. All really great! And I agree that trust in our relationship has to come first.


I spoke with my daughter about even speaking with the coach, and she asked me to leave it for now. She said she would see if it continued or not. She had tennis last night, and said he had called her a retard but she wasn't really worried as she knows she's not and felt he was just being mean because she had stood up to him the week before. I think she is probably right, but am glad she has no regrets. 


We had talked and she agreed that if the talk continued she'd like me to talk to the coach too, but thankfully it hasn't.


I'm sorry for my late reply - it's been a busy week!