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I just find out that my 18 daughter tried cocaine.  I'm devastated and don't know what to do. I went on her computer while she was at work and went to her messages, she said that after work she went with random guys and she tried cocaine and she liked it... she is working at night club, working till 3am on weekends. She start more drinking. They pay her well, more than in pizza shop and she doesn't want to leave.  she is studying at uni, I thought she is a good kid.... but I'm  totally lost my trust.  I hope that someone can give me any ideas how to stop and prevent the worse. Thank you.


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Hi @Nat17 thanks so much for joining us on the forums and sharing your story.


It must be really hard for you at the moment to process all of the new risks that your daughter is being exposed to as part of her job and also hard to work out how your family is going to navigate these situations.


It sounds like you haven’t had any conversations with her yet about the worries that you are feeling is that correct?


I am asking this because it sounds like the most useful way of working through this is to communicate with her around some of the concerns that parents will always have when their children are in situations which expose them to new risks.


I am also getting from your post that a major concern for your revolves around trust.  Because this is going to be hugely important for you to begin any kind of conversation with your daughter I thought that the following section of the website might be a great place for you to have a look at.


I think it would be really great to have a look at these and let me know what you think?


Thanks again for joining us here.


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 @Nat17 that sounds like a really difficult discovery, definitely understandable to have a myriad of different concerns around this. @Nick-RO had some amazing insights into this. Have you got any plans to sit down and talk to her about drug use in a general sense?


It's definitely understandable to be devastated, do you go through her messages often? This could be a potential barrier for both of you if she discovers this as adolescent's can often go the extra mile to keep things from us once they realise we have breached their private space such as diaries/fb accounts etc. As @Nick-RO - trust is definitely key for both parent and child.


How are you feeling at the moment since you last posted?

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Re: cocaine

Thank you for your reply. I haven't talk to her yet. Im planning tonight, but at the same time I'm really scared of her reaction. What if she will lie and wont tell. She done this in the past. She has changed and im really scared and start to hate her. She told us that she will never try any drugs, but she did.... i feel that i want to take her to some places where she could hear a stories that its really dangerous...

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