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hello I live in USA. 2 teens girl 15 boy16

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hello I live in USA. 2 teens girl 15 boy16


hello I live in USA. 2 teens girl 15 boy16

hello everybody I am deeply concerned about my kids spiraling down because of marijuana and vaping and possibly huffing. i dont know what kind of evidence i am looking for these days my kids seem to always be a step ahead of me. I am not stupid, their eyes are constantly red and glossy . I smell a strong chemical odor I barge in room nothing. I see this residue all over our living quarters. A white substance like help a ybody any clues?

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Re: hello I live in USA. 2 teens girl 15 boy16

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Hi @ mamaj,

Thank you for sharing. Substance use can be a significant concern for a lot of parents, so please know that you are not alone in feeling this way. If you are wanting to learn more about the symptoms associated with certain substances, this website has a lot of information. If you scroll down to the bottom, there are pamphlets on each substance. As we are an Australian based forum, the website provided is a Melbourne based website, so you might need to keep that in mind when having a read. 

We want to acknowledge how difficult it must be for you to be unsure about what substance your children are using. This can give parents a lot of worry and anxiety as it can be exhausting to constantly be on the look out. Unfortunately, it is difficult to guess what substance it might be based off the information that you have mentioned. If you still feel worried or unsure, we encourage you to contact your local doctor's office for advice.

Also just so you know, I moved your post to a more relevant area of our forums so that you are able to get the support you need. I also edited your name and location out of your post, as our forums are anonymous. If you want to find out more, you can read our community guidelines here.

We are here to listen if you'd like to share more about your struggles Heart