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my teen daughter is being bullied for nudes

my teen daughter is being bullied for nudes


my teen daughter is being bullied for nudes

My teen daughter is stating she is recieving death threats for not sending nudes. She says she has went to the school about this. im blown away that this is even possible. 

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Re: my teen daughter is being bullied for nudes

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Hi @sparkles21 , 


I'm so sorry to hear that- that is really appalling behaviour, and your daughter sounds like she's shown a lot of strength in telling you what has been happening, and reporting the behaviour to the school. Are the people sending her threats people that she goes to school with? 


Have you had any contact from the school about what's happened?  


We do have some articles on ReachOut parents about sexting, including conversations about consent. We're an Australian site and it looks like you're in Canada, is that right? Unfortunately I don't have a lot of knowledge about relevant laws there, but I know that in Australia it is against the law to harrass or threaten anyone into sending nudes, I would imagine that would probably be the case where you are as well. 


It sounds like your daughter has done absolutely the right thing in reporting this to her school, and hopefully they will be able to follow it up with the people involved and the police if appropriate - it also sounds like a broader conversation about sexting and consent could be helpful. 


How is your daughter coping with it all?