my teen son smoking

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my teen son smoking

 I find out that my son is smoking I don't say it to my husband because he will be so angry, and won't make a right action to resolve this situation. I want to do everything better and to help him, to become a friend for him. I have read several articles on the special relevant sites ( like VapingDaily and others) about how to build this conversation and what to do to prevent this addiction. But now I wonder if somebody here has the same experience and what your actions were. Thank you.

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Re: my teen son smoking

Hi @Frances96,


I can see this is your first post, welcome to ReachOut!


Teen smoking is a topic that we see many other parents talking about on this forum. I am going to tag a few parents here who have recently had a discussion about smoking/vaping @Lisa445@taokat that you can find about half way through this thread here.


You have mentioned that you have been reading articles about how to start a conversation about smoking with your son. What are your thoughts after reading the article? Do you have an idea about how you might start this conversation?