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siblings seeing each other naked

siblings seeing each other naked

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Re: siblings seeing each other naked

I remember a discussion my stepfather and I had when I was a teenager, about cultural relativity and it's influence on modesty in cultural norms, and how they differed from one culture too another. He spoke about modesty and nudity in relative terms, as one man's nudity was another man's modesty. 

   Describing a people somewhere in Central America, (I don't remember what tribal culture they were, but the men wore loincloths, and the woman wore a string of beads around their waste just below the belly button. He mentioned that a colleague of his, who was doing research there, told him about the scandal that one girl there had created, because she forgot to put the string of beads on before going to school,  and without that string of beads, she was naked, while the other girls, they had that string of beads on their waist, so they were fully clothed by the norms of their culture.


Re: siblings seeing each other naked

Hi @Citizen, thank you for sharing your insight and opinion on nudity within the family setting. As you mentioned, culture can have a lot to do with modesty and nudity. It is important for any parent to examine their own values and wishes for their family and act accordingly. As you say, not everyone is comfortable with nudity and if it is something they wish to explore, they can always chat to friends, family or a professional to ensure the situation is remaining healthy for all involved Smiley Happy

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