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1 yr old tantrum

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1 yr old tantrum

So I am a dad of 2 girls (4.5 year old and a 1.5 year old). We are having issues with our youngest throwing tantrums over anything the oldest possesses.
For example, if our oldest has a juice box, our youngest will throw a tantrum to have what her sister has (even if she has the same thing in her hands).

What is the best way to approach this issue?

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Hi there @girldad_2 


Thank you for sharing your question with us.


It can be pretty tough to know how to best support little ones when they're expressing big emotions. It's lovely to see that you're curious about the best way to approach the situation when it arises. 


As we support parents and carers of teenagers, I thought it would be helpful for me to send some resources that are better suited to your daughters' age. 


Raising Childrens Network have a tonne of articles and videos on just about every parenting question you could imagine. I searched their site for information about tantrums, and they have a bunch of advice and information here


I'm not sure if you've come across the National Parent Helpline, but they could be helpful if you need support and a chat with someone over the phone.