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12 year old needs friends

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12 year old needs friends

Hi there , I am looking for a kids online forum for a 12 year old . He has autism , is vey high functioning , intelligent and articulate . He has just moved interstate and is struggling with friendships and isolation . He is struggling with a lot of changes in his family too . He has no friends and being in lock down in cannot go to school . 

I am looking for a forum or chat rom where he can meet same age friends and talk about his issues as well as make friends . Can anyone direct me please ? 


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Hey @motherbear ,

I'm sorry to read your post.  Moving interstate at 12 yo under the current situation must be very tough for your son Smiley Sad   I'm not sure of any forums myself, but have you tried Austism Awareness Australia.  Their phone number is 1300 900 681.  Perhaps they know of something that may help.