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13 year old boy

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13 year old boy

My son is 13 he argues with me, lazy, will not do what is asked of him. Could use suggestions
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Re: 13 year old boy

I can 100% relate. I have a son turning 13 in August. He constantly argues with me aswell. Where do they get this profound feeling of thinking theyre right all the time?

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Re: 13 year old boy

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Hi @Pancake56 


Sounds like a really challenging time for your family. How long has your son been struggling with communication? 


There are some really great suggestions from our Child and Family Professionals here that you might be interested in. While the situation is not exactly the same, the approach they recommend might be helpful in your situation too.


@stephalistik24 How have you managed challenging behaviours with your teen?


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Re: 13 year old boy

@Jess1-RO Hi,

I sat down with my son (12) and his younger brother (11) and we created a poster each on Respect and Manners. I asked them what they thought respect meant and how and why we must show respect.
One of the things they both bought up was, "Dont talk back" and I said, yes thats right, why do you do it then? I said, if you listen to what I say, then I will listen to what you say but only if we do it in a respectful manner. Being respectful to your parents and elders, means you acknowledge that they have lived experiences and knowledge that you may not have.

When we did the poster on Manners, they were like, Manners is basically showing respect. Overall I was pleased with the outcome. They still scream and fight with each other, but the arguing with me has completely stopped for how long? Who knows, but Im glad I sat down with them both and talked about it. 


Re: 13 year old boy

Wow that's a very creative idea! I really like that. How are things going for you and your family? 

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