15 yr old son gets overwhelmed by school

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Re: 15 yr old son gets overwhelmed by school

School options can include 

leasing with student services, or asking Year coordiNators to assist, and maybe 'allow' a break for a while for a day a week.  Involve them in the process, educate them as to what's happening for your son, and maybe they can do the same.  It is common , especially in high schools when puberty hits etc.  He will not be the first or the last.  MAybe teachers can give home lpackages for the short term.


should absence be at an extremely low level Wa schools refer family to participation process and they will get in touch to see how they can help.  


there are many alternatives they can help with if there is a diagnosis or Gp Backed evidence that it is challenging for the student, in which case SIDE online schooling can occur through the department - there must be a health or diagnosis evidence base.  this process I believe is usually started in year 11, but could be earlier if your ask.


there is private schools who teach at a different pace, and who offer online schooling too.  Just a few options - mainstream school has the most social opportunities and a great academic set up, yet it is. It for all.


good luck with all 

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Re: 15 yr old son gets overwhelmed by school

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful words of advice. Its nice to not be judged here and I am sorry I didnt get back  here earlier but have been busy with Easter and school hols. We live in Qld and this term I am hoping to use some of the info you all suggested. My son seems to get along with others at school but has no friends around after school or weekends. Only online. One day I went to the school to drop them off for school and I had to go to the office for a while. When I came out, I saw my son sitting all alone awkwardly and I felt so sad for him...anyway thanks for listening..

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Re: 15 yr old son gets overwhelmed by school

I saw this the other day, in the Youth Community, and thought of you @hippychick


Click here for the article about having all your friends online. It's written for young people so if you're comfortable you could share it with your son.


It also has some great links to further stories about making friends and meeting people. Hope it's useful.

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Re: 15 yr old son gets overwhelmed by school

Thank you Ngaio-RO. I will check it out now... :-)