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3 year old won’t eat anything but...

3 year old won’t eat anything but...


3 year old won’t eat anything but...

I have a 3 year old that refuses to eat anything but Gogos cookies, yogurt, a protein shake and goldfish and welches gummies. We have him 4 days out of the week and I’ve tried to get him to eat or even try new food but he just screams and hits himself. I am a step mom to him. But it’s really concerning me. I believe his mom may have something to do with it. Please help. Concerned.

Re: 3 year old won’t eat anything but...

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It sounds like you are in a tricky position, I can imagine it would be hard to know what the right thing to do here is, and I don't think it is as simple as being right or wrong either. It's certainly concerning that your child is screaming and hitting themselves when exposed to different foods and that they have such a limited diet. I wonder if it would be worth getting your partner to speak to his mum about what she is able to feed him and how she manages meal times. It also might be something to consult a GP or maternal health nurse about to see what the possible reasons could be and also to check for any deficiencies he could have.  



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