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A foreign teacher has been mistreating my son.

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A foreign teacher has been mistreating my son.


A foreign teacher has been mistreating my son.

As from what I know, my son now has a foreign teacher who is relatively new in the job. She’s been implementing strict rules and guidelines for him and his classmates. The rules seems a bit too harsh and mature for children of his age. She’s been reinforcing behaviors such as running, laughing too loudly, drawing while she’s teaching and so on. My son’s only 6 years old. I feel as though he doesn't need a teacher that strict at his age. I’m planning to talk to his teacher and give her a piece of my mind. I just don’t want my son to become stressed or anything.

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Re: A foreign teacher has been mistreating my son.

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Hi @concerndad , welcome to our forum and thanks for sharing with us. 

That must be really stressful for you to know that your son is being mistreated at school, I'm wondering if there is someone else you can talk to at the school so that things get dealt with formally? A headteacher? 

Maybe other parents are feeling similarly, and you can all act together with the school to work out a better way forward for the class? 


I should note as well, that this forum is for parents of teenagers - aged 12 - 25, and most of the other members are talking about issues related to parents adolescents. We may not be the best place for the kind of support you're after. 

You could also talk over the phone confidentiality on Parents Line - 1300 1300 52 - in NSW, or 1300 30 1300 in Queensland and NT.

Let me know if you're elsewhere and we can find you another service. 


(If you're in the US, you can try this website here