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Answering questions about absent parents

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Answering questions about absent parents


Answering questions about absent parents

My daughter is 6 years old... I had gotten pregnant with herFrom a one "night stand"
Her dad knows about her and doesn't care to know her and at the same time I have no kind of way of getting ahold of him I honestly don't remember his full name or anything--

She's starting to ask me questions about why she doesn't have a dad.. And honestly I'm not sure how to answer that question at her age... Any advice?
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Re: Answering questions about absent parents

Hi @BlondieAlert24 ,

Welcome to the Parents Forum, we hope that you are able to find the help and support that you are looking for from the community Heart

Thank you for sharing, and I'm incredibly sorry that your daughter's dad has chosen not to participate in a relationship with her.

I can understand that this situation would be starting to weigh quite heavily on you as children can be very inquisitive! What sort of supports do you have available at the moment? Would consulting with a child psychologist be a potential option for you?