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10-year-old boy who pushes past 830 bedtime 930 bedtime jen 1030 bedtime and says he’s not tired and starts yelling and then crying loudly when he has to go to bed in a townhouse complex where he cannot make that much noise. He will not and does not stop and it is terrible for the neighbors and exasperating for me.
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Re: Bedtime

Hi @Bedtimetuff Welcome to the ReachOut Parent's forum! 


Bedtime can be so frustrating for parents! 

How long has your son being having problems with getting to bed? Has there been any changes recently to his routine or any thing you can think of that is making him not want to go to bed? 


It may even be helpful to give Parentline a try on 1300 30 1300. Their website also has helpful support/information for children of any age, whereas ReachOut is aimed at teenagers. 


Stay in touch.