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Child interested in same sex relationship

Child interested in same sex relationship


Child interested in same sex relationship

Hi, I wonder if anyone has dealt with their child being interested in a same sex relationship?  I was directed to this website, but if it's the wrong forum please let me know. Thanks

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Re: Child interested in same sex relationship

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Hey @Jill20 


Thanks for posting, I'm glad you've found us Smiley Very Happy


We do talk to a number of parents on the forum whose children are in/ are interested in being in same-sex relationships or might be going through the process of discovering their sexuality. I hope some parents are able to jump on this thread and offer their insights Heart


I understand your child is interested in a same-sex relationship, do you want to talk a bit more about this?

We've got some great content around supporting children with coming out and talking to teens about sexuality if you wanted to check them out, I hope you find them helpful Heart

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