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Concerned about 15 month old baby

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Concerned about 15 month old baby


Concerned about 15 month old baby

I am so so worried. My beautiful 15 month old baby is having some issues. She is doesnt walk, but thanks to physiotherapy she is now standing. She doesnt say mama or dada, cero words, no waving,no pointing, doesnt respond to her name, even when i scream her name. She doesnt follow my finger if i want to show something, only when she is interested. She bables a lot thought, she loves to play with us, she returns smiles, she loves books, great eye contact, she is super friendly. But i cant help but be seriosly concerned. She used to clap and say sort of no, (more like nah), but she stopped. We are so worried we cannot even sleep!some people say that because she is exposed to 3 languages might be a reason. Does any of you have similar experiences?i am trying to be positive and look for some hope, but i am so worried i cannot thing straight

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Hi @Mary82 


It sounds like you're feeling really stressed about your baby and her development at the moment. I can understand that must be a lot of pressure for you to be under. I'm wondering if you have spoken to your GP about your concerns?


We are an Australian-based organisation that focuses on supporting parents with teens, so we're limited in the support or referrals we can provide. But we recommend chatting to your health professionals, who will be able to advise what is best for you and your daughter.


It is important to look after yourself during this time too. Do you have friends who are also parents you could share how you're feeling? Do you have any self-care activities you could try when you're feeling overwhelmed?