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Coronavirus isolation with kids

Coronavirus isolation with kids


Coronavirus isolation with kids

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Anyone else struggling with the thought of isolation for maybe 3 months?? What are you guys going to do to keep the kids entertained??

I found this group earlier on FB which has been helping me a bit. Thought I would share it on here for anyone else who doesn't want to go mad -


But would love some other guidance and suggestions too?

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Re: Coronavirus isolation with kids

Hi @CJ030,


Really great question- with kids home more often I am sure that the issue of how to keep kids entertained is going to be a big one!


What ideas do you have so far?


Looking forward to hearing the community's ideas on this one. Just going to tag a few parents who might be able to help get the ball rolling on brainstorming: @JAKGR8@sunflowermom @Dad4good @sidneysdad @compassion 


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