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Daughter starting 5th year and isnt ready

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Daughter starting 5th year and isnt ready


Daughter starting 5th year and isnt ready

Hi all i honestly dont know were to.start..ive a 14 yr old.girl.who has in past self harmed shes been.doing great n hasnt self harmed in months my problem is shes hating and just wants out and of has been asked to.decide weather 4yr r 5 yr i know shes not reafy for 5yr and needs 4yr to decide what shes r i.really want.her but shes it im.asking you all.should.i make her let 5yr im afraid that doing leaving cert will be to.stress.ful. And she will.resolve self harming again ...any advice would be great tia

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Re: Daughter starting 5th year and isnt ready

hi @trina1979  - welcome to our forum, so glad you've found us! 

That's amazing your daughter was able to stop self-harming - what helped us to do that? Does she see a counselor or therapist? 

Lots of other parents in this community have teenagers who have experienced self-harm, maybe they can offer you some support around that. 


From what you've said about schooling, it sounds like you're not in Australia - that's where our forum is based, and most people on here are familiar with a different schooling system.

Is the issue that your daughter has to choose which school year to go into? Is this because of her attendance, or marks at school?


Hoping we can be a support as you work through these issues! Heart

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Re: Daughter starting 5th year and isnt ready

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Hi @trina1979 how are you feeling at the moment after @gina-Ro's insight? I edited your post as we need to be mindful of detailed method of self-harm on the forums, as it may churn up trauma's for other members.  You can read further info regarding this in the community guidelines Smiley Happy