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Daughter wants to spend the night with girl she likes

Daughter wants to spend the night with girl she likes


Daughter wants to spend the night with girl she likes

My 10 year old daughter is wanting to spend the night with a friend of hers. I have found out that she has romantic feelings for this girl. I'm aware that she might just be confused or curious, but even so I'm worried she could potentially experiment. My natural instinct is to approach this the same as if she wanted to spend the night with a boy. How should this be handled? I truly believe this has more to do with society and it's "in your face sexual preference" then her actually being gay (which I'm not against fwiw). But either way she isn't allowed to date either gender much less spend the night with the gender of her preference. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi @Keithro,


Welcome to the ReachOut Parents Forums and thank you for making your first post.

I just want to let you know that most of the advice and content here is related to parents of teens 12-18- but I am sure that a lot of content on the forums could also be applicable to a younger age group too Smiley Happy


You mentioned that your daughter has romantic feelings for a friend of hers, but feel she is too young for a relationship, is this correct? Is this a discussion you have had with her before about relationships and ages you would support a relationship? Starting a conversation with your daughter may be an opportunity to set up some trust with her to talk to you about sexuality and relationships in future. 


ReachOut have some resources about relationships and sexuality-  these might be helpful to have a look at, particularly the video about sexuality. Keep in mind that these resources are mainly related to parents of teens but hopefully will helpful for you too


Check back in with us when you can Smiley Happy


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