Daughters boyfriend is not that nice... Any suggestions?

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Re: Daughters boyfriend is not that nice... Any suggestions?

Hi @Lost71, welcome to ReachOut forums. It's great you've found us and I'm sure the community will be able to give you support while you're navigating this difficult time with your daughter and her boyfriend. There are some great tips in this thread that I hope you've been able to have a read through. 


My daughter is 15 too and it can be such a tough age, for them and us! They're going through huge changes, hormonally and with their brain functioning. Putting boundaries in place that they don't like often meets with strong defiance, but they need to learn that destroying property is not okay. I used to walk on eggshells around my daughter, but she has learned over the years that the extreme behaviour does end with police intervention for everyone's safety, and given coping tools to use she can settle herself before it gets to that stage which is such a relief. 


Have you sat down with your daughter to explain your reasoning behind not allowing them to see each other and what a healthy relationship looks like? There's a great resource here about family conflict and another here about communicating with our teens that you might find helpful.  @Zoesplace has some really fantastic tips, but the hardship can sometimes be that we need to let them experience these hurts for themselves in order for them to learn. During these times all we can do is be there to support them when they're upset while gently putting in their heads that they deserve someone who treats them well. 


I really feel for you - that feeling that we've lost our sweet little girls is really upsetting. Is there anything you do just for yourself? 


ReachOut also offers free parent coaching that could help you come up with effective solutions for dealing with this issue you're having. I've done it myself and highly recoomend it! To find out more you can check out the link here.


You're clearly a loving parent and wanting the best for your daughter. I hope these suggestions can offer you something to work with. 

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Re: Daughters boyfriend is not that nice... Any suggestions?

Hi @Lost71 sounds like the relationship between your daughter and her boyfriend is not very healthy for either of them.  It is extremely hard seeing your child in a relationship that is not good, especially if they are both smashing up your houses - which is never acceptable!  A good resource that another Reach Out Parent recommended to me was the work of Dr Jill Murray regarding relationships. She has some great books about teenage relationships that you may find helpful.  There is a book called "But he never hit me"  If your daughters boyfriend yells at her now, I can understand your concern that his temper may lead to other forms of abuse.

It is obvious you really care and love your daughter - As hard as it is, it is really important to let your daughter know that even though you may not always agree with her choices, that you will love her regardless... that way when things are not good with her relationship with her boyfriend that she knows you will be there for her.