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I'm not happy with the daycare facility that I'm sending my child to. I hated the new class so I got her moved into the older two's class. The class I had her removed from was hostile. The workers were lazy and nothing was being done. I want to switch daycare facilities but I'm not sure if I'm being overbearing. I need advice on how to navigate this whole daycare situation.
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Hi Brittany, 


If you don't feel your child is receiving the care you expect, I would highly recommend moving centres. However, before making this difficult decision I would also recommend trying to discuss your concerns with the centre director and lead educator. At the end of the day, your child's safety and care is of most importance and if you don't feel you can achieve the outcome you desire by raising your concerns moving sounds like your best option (with the limited info I have). 

Don't forget to check availability in your area if you do decide to move before leaving just in case you find yourself without care at all which can become another problem in itself.