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Farewell to all for this year!!

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Farewell to all for this year!!

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Farewell to all for this year!!

I am saying Goodbye, to all for this year as we are going away on a Kayaking Trip with all our children over the Christmas break....5 stepchildren and my own children 3 plus another who I rarely see these days as Miss 24 has been travelling abroad so 4 children Smiley Happy As I pack and get all our things organised for our trip, I think about my year with my family. Fortunately, there have not been too many downs and if we had one recent down, we have overcome that as a family and become reunited as one again. That brings me pleasure to share. 


I have enjoyed my short time in the group and although I try my best to be here often and offer my advice, I have enjoyed sharing in your own family's  life and also picking up on fresh new ideas to try for my own family. 


I ask for you all to remember this Christmas time, try to make it about you and your family and do something different.  Something you have not all done before together...It can be anything...a hike in the woods,  a family game of monopoly perhaps, a game of cricket?  Even a game of rough and tumble!! Whatever you do, this can help build relationships between you all! It may bring that lone teen out of their dark bedroom to see what the fuss is all about and join in. 

It may bring that quiet and shy child who has been teased all year's smile out and it may boost their confidence. What better way to bring in Christmas with a Smile Smiley Happy 


Have time together as a family and talk and talk! Make new goals together, whether it be spending more time together, Being active as a family, Spending time with each individual. Support and encourage each other through life itself, your family sports, school etc 


In our kitchen, we have a huge blackboard where every week, we ask everyone who lives in our home and/or visits (- yes - workmen included! ) to write a positive paragraph up to inspire each and every one of us.  We have one workman who can not wait to come to our farm just to write on our board! It may be something you would like to do for your own family. on that note:


I wish you all, the very best and safe Christmas and a fantastic New year!! Drink and be merry if you need to, but don't drive! I look forward to seeing you all here again, next year!! Thank you again for such fantastic forum!! Merry Christmas all!!! 

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Re: Farewell to all for this year!!

Wow what a beautiful post @Shikadesfarm thanks for all your support to everyone in the forum. Reading through- you've made some wonderful suggestions that I'm sure everyone is really thankful for. Loved what you wrote about doing something different to build relationships- great ideas. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year with the family. I'm sure you'll create long-lasting, special memories on your trip Smiley Happy