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Finding the right toy

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Finding the right toy

Hello everyone! 

I was wondering what are the criteria I should use for choosing toys for my children?

Do you guys let the children choose toys or do you guys choose the toys on their behalf?

Does anyone buy hot wheels? What's really good about them, what's not so good? What are people's experience with hot wheels toys?

Thank you so much!!! New mum looking for help here. 

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Re: Finding the right toy

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Hi there @chickenlittle (great name by the way) and welcome to the online community!

It sounds like you're keen to find some toys that are appropriate for you little ones to play with. How old are your kids?

ReachOut Parents Forum is primarily designed for parents of teens between 12-18, so I'm not sure if we have a lot of advice to give in this area. But, with that being said, the Raising Children Network has some fantastic resources on learning, toys and play. They have specific advice on play for each age group, so you should be able to find some great ideas about toys there regardless of how old your kids are. 

All the best!