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First Bras, bad experiences

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First Bras, bad experiences

Hi, I am new, sorry if this is the wrong board to post my question to.


To make this short: Its been a few weeks since we bought her first bras for her. We got consulted and the salesperson helped her choose the bras, so they should fit well. 


However, my daughter kept complaining that she feels discomfort and cant wear the bra for more than a few hours. So, I sent her to the gyno and the feedback we received was basically "its a sensitivity issue" and that she will get used to it. 


Is this true? Have you had similar experiences? Do you have any tricks to make the transition to wearing a bra easier? 



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Re: First Bras, bad experiences

Hi @EmbarrassingQ , 


How old is your daughter? I have definitely heard that some girls do have a lot of sensitivity when their breasts are starting to develop.  It's great that you took her to be properly fitted !


My daughter and her friends are at the age where they are just starting to need bras and some have found it uncomfortable - some find tightly fitting crop tops more comfortable than training bras, especially if they're having nipple sensitivity.  I'm also wondering if it could be the material that the bra is made out of - have you tried softer materials, like cotton?  Has your daughter been able to describe what it is that she finds so uncomfortable? 


Another thought is for her to only wear a bra when she feels she really needs to (e.g. when playing sport) and then taking it off at home. 


Helping our kids navigate puberty and all of the changes that come with it can definitely be challenging - good on you for being so supportive of your daughter, and please keep us updated on how you're going Smiley Happy



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Re: First Bras, bad experiences

Thank you for your answer @Janine-RO 


She is 11 years old, she had a training bra for about a month or two before we had to upgrade it to an A cup. 

this week we also tried different material but with no success Smiley Sad but wearing only a crop top was better for her.


Ive talked to her a bit more about what is uncomfortable, and it pretty much is an issue with nipple sensitivity. 


The past few days she wasnt wearing a bra, only croptops. This seems to be okay for now. Thanks for that suggestion!