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Frustrated with daughter's boyfriend's parents.

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Frustrated with daughter's boyfriend's parents.


Frustrated with daughter's boyfriend's parents.

I am a mother of a 16 year old girl. I need a place to vent my frustrations and maybe get some advice. My daughter has been dating an amazing young man for over a year and a half. The problem? His parents. He is treated, well, like Cinderella! He gets the short end of every stick. He is the youngest. They are almost 17 and still not allowed to go to the mall or a movie alone. The other kids could at that age! My daughter goes over to their house and her boyfriend has to work so much of the time when she’s over there. He sleeps ona mattress on the floor while the other kids am have beds. Yeah the oldest two have moved back in! 9 people on that house.

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Re: Frustrated with daughter's boyfriend's parents.

Hey @Mommaofone 


Thanks for sharing what's going on for you. Just so you know, I have moved your post to the "everyday parenting" section of the forums, and it is now it's own thread. Where you posted before is where new users answer a set of questions to introduce themselves. I made this it's own thread because you've described an issue you're having, and doing so would increase the amount of support you receive from community. I hope you don't mind. 


I can see why your daughter's boyfriend's parent's actions would be frustrating you. It seems as though they are being unjust, or favoring their other children? Is your daughter and her boyfriend also upset about it? 


Do we know why he might getting the "short end of every stick" like you said?