Gaming problem with my 16 year old son

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Gaming problem with my 16 year old son

Hi   everyone   I  have a problem 16  year old son  has vitro game   addiction..very nasty  ..we  switched  of the internet  a few weeks ago..still.up all night...noisy...watching television...   Has not been going to school for more than a year....any  tips  ?

Community Manager

Re: Gaming problem with my 16 year old son

Hi @sylvia and thank you for reaching out to let us know what is happening at home Heart 


It sounds like a really difficult position you are in with your son's gaming habits, I know this is something you have spoken to us a bit about before. Last time we spoke, you mentioned that your son was not attending school and you were looking at homeschooling as an option. Did you give homeschooling a go? 


May I ask when the gaming started? Has it been something that has become progressively more intensive over time?


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Frequent scribe

Re: Gaming problem with my 16 year old son

Yes   darling  ,            I  have   mentioned  my  sons problem   started    about  2  years  got  worse...yes  darling  I   registered  him for  home schooling...about  a few  weeks    ago  he got  aggressive   again    breaking   things in the  house  and  pushing  us...kicking my   I   switched  the  internet  off...I  told him  if he goes to  school  I  will switch  the  internet  back on but only for a few hours a day...he   refused to go to  it was  about  4weeks first  he  improved but  at the moment  he is very  nasty,irritable...he is  staying up  all night  watching TV..of  course he  cannot do home  schooling  because  no internet..      About  a month ago  my  work mate's    son  committed  suicide  ...had  exactly  the  same  gaming problem as  my son...that  was the other reason  to switch  the internet off  ...I  don't  know  what will  is  very very scary...if he gets  aggressive  again I  will call the  police..I  have done it before  for a few times...Any  tips  ?thank you  


Re: Gaming problem with my 16 year old son

Hi @sylvia, thanks for sharing. It sounds like your family is going through quite a lot right now. Making a decision is always difficult but you don't have to do it alone. The internet can provide an outlet for some adolescence and so this is why you may face resistance when you remove it. Has your son mentioned why he likes using the internet? What does he usually do on the internet?

This situation is very complex and I imagine it must be so stressful for you and your family. Does your son have face to face support? This could take place in the form of a GP or psychologist? You could also contact Parent Line who may be able to provide more specific advice for you or direct you to local referrals. It seems really important that you get some extra support right now. For your son, he could also contact Headspace and Kids Helpline. Even if he does not seem open to these suggestions, it is important that he knows that they are available and prepared to chat with him if he feels the need. Do you know whether he would be interested in these support options? Heart