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General Questions Regarding Teenagers

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General Questions Regarding Teenagers

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General Questions Regarding Teenagers

Hoping to bring about a discussion and get some insight from other parents! Please let me know your answers!


1. What are the biggest joys, as well as challenges, in parenting teens?


2. What types of disputes do you experience with your teen?


3. What coping mechanisms do you use to deal with these disputes?


4. What are your feelings about your teen getting into steady romantic relationships?


5. What guidelines or rules will you (or have you) established?


6. What are your feelings about your teen and part-time work?


7. What types of changes have you experienced as a result of parenting a teen?


8. What are your feelings about the friends of your teens? Do you have guidelines or expectancies that you share with your teen regarding their friends?


9. Do you feel that your teen respects your decisions? Why or why not?


10. Do you feel that being a teen today is more or less stressful than it was in your own teen experience?


11. What words of advice would you give to an individual just starting to parent a teen?