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How to raise kids without overparenting?

How to raise kids without overparenting?

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How to raise kids without overparenting?

Children can trigger unresolved emotions in us, causing us to feel hurt and frustrated, perhaps about our own childhood experiences or current difficulties elsewhere in our lives.

Let's share tips and experience to be better parents.



Re: How to raise kids without overparenting?

Hi @Honey welcome to ReachOut thanks for your post Smiley Happy. Do you have a particular situation you were thinking of that other parents can help you with? 

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Re: How to raise kids without overparenting?

How to be more relaxed in situations in everyday life with the children.... sometimes they drive me crazy....maybe tips to find myself again

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Re: How to raise kids without overparenting?

Hi @Honey,


I am going to tag a few more parents here who may be able to share their tips and ideas Heart

@Schooner @sunflowermom @taokat @PositiveWhisper @compassion @DadHelp @Happy


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Re: How to raise kids without overparenting?

Hi @Honey

When my daughters are being triggering- I usually do some deep breathing and sometimes step away for a few minutes  ( but they are 11 and 15 so its safe to do that) 

I am learning to hold my tongue- but if either are saying hurtful things to the other, I do step in at that point.  There still has to be a point of respect, like the older taunting the little one about how she dresses or what she says can be detrimental and cause the younger one insecurities.  Not tolerated.  The world is rough enough without her big sister's belittling her. 

If my older daughter days hurtful things to me, I try to tell her that hurts my feelings and kindness is important to me too. Sometimes she apologizes, sometimes she tries to turn it around.  But I still want her to be aware.

I think other than that I let lots go, I am pretty tolerant and leave room for their own expression.  All of my kids are so different but the 15 year old daughter is so much like me that she really pushes my buttons and I find my biggest challenge with not being triggered around her.

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