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How to support your teenager during the plebiscite.

How to support your teenager during the plebiscite.

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How to support your teenager during the plebiscite.

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Here at ReachOut we have been in support of marriage equality from the beginning. It's a position we hold because we believe in the fundamental right of all human beings to be treated equally. We are vocal in our support because we also know that young people who identify as LGBTIQA have a greater chance of experiencing:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • being estranged from their family after coming out
  • suicide and attempted suicide
  • physical and verbal violence as a result of prejudice 

We care about marriage equality because we care about ALL young people. Which means, now, we worry about the plebiscite because we worry about the impact it may have on young people.


Here is a video ReachOut made that provides support and suggestions to parents who want to support their teenager through this debate. Even if your teenager does not openly identify as LGBTIQA, there's a chance they have friends who do and they may feel strongly about the rights of their friends. 


Feel free to share the video on your personal social media profiles if you want to. The more parents who watch this, the greater level of support young people will receive.



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