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I Think my son has Body Image Issues

I Think my son has Body Image Issues


I Think my son has Body Image Issues

We have a son who has had minor acne - he is under the care of a dermatologist who prescribed medication which I was very much against. Anyway as he is almost 17 we talked alot about it the side effects etc and finally allowed him to go on it. It has started to clear his skin but he is very self conscious, has missed school and has become very down. He feels that once his skin is cleared he will still not be happy. He will talk to us sometimes very abusive and angry - he is seeing a counselor at Headspace but I am at a loss as what to do? About the despair he is going through -I know this medication can cause depression. He doesn't want to come off it till his skin is cleared.


Re: I Think my son has Body Image Issues

@Redmond Thank you for sharing about your son with us. My heart goes out for you and your son. I know how hard it is as I had similar experiences with my daughter. Luckily, we are on good terms. So one thing she said to me frankly is that she does not want to hear any comments from me about her image, whether it is positive or negative, which is my lesson 1, though I still struggle in holding back my positive comments. I think we should take it easy to take the pressure off our children.


My other suggestion is acne is usually a sign of inner problem and so is frustration. What does your son usually do to keep himself occupied? Lots of sports would help and maybe a girl friend? According to Chinese phylosophy, a balance of yin and yang is important in many ways.  I remember spending time with my daughter and talk things over with her to help her find out what she could do to to make herself happier and more acceptable of herself.

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Re: I Think my son has Body Image Issues

No matter how good-looking, kind, smart and funny he is, the acne is a big problem for him. He wants to continue the Roaccutane treatment and I think right now it is giving him hope. Just let him know there are eleventy million teenagers worrying about the same thing, and that after a while things usually settle down. Keep reinforcing that it is our charcter and compassion that makes us beautiful.  


Re: I Think my son has Body Image Issues

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Hey @Redmond, we just released this video about young people, confidence and body image and I thought of you.

It's got the perspective from a young man, let me know if you find it helpful.


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Re: I Think my son has Body Image Issues

This is a real issue for him. My daughter also suffered from acne and she was on antibiotics for a long time, which is also not ideal. However I understand the potential serious issues with the medication your son is taking.
I always found it very hard to interpret medical responses and assess whether we are making the right choices.
For now, it seems right for him but it's also right for you to be vigilant with respect to his behavior given the serious medication.
I'd say keep a watchful eye as you are doing and keep letting him know you are there for him.
Hopefully it will clear up quickly.
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Re: I Think my son has Body Image Issues

Hey @Redmond, how are things? Let us know how things are going....
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Re: I Think my son has Body Image Issues

Hey @Redmond, thanks for sharing. Positive body image and self-esteem can be hard to encourage when teens are going through so much change already, but it sounds like you have started a conversation with your son to explore his unhappiness. How is he feeling now? Is he still taking the medication? Acne can be really tough to cope with, and may occur right when kids want to look their best. I'm sure your support has helped him during this difficult time.

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