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I doubt my 18 r old is using drugs

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I doubt my 18 r old is using drugs


I doubt my 18 r old is using drugs


I think my son is using drugs

and I think some of his friends are giving him stuff. 

I tried to take him to counselling and as per the counselor its not a big deal. But I am very stressed about it and feel so helpless 

How Do i deal with it? Smiley Sad 

I think of taking my life as I don't know what to do.

I take 1 step forward and goes 5 step backward 

Is it right to get in touch with Police? Will they do anything about it at all? 


Re: I doubt my 18 r old is using drugs

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Hi @binny 

It sounds like this is a really awful situation and its having a big impact on you and your wellbeing. Good on you taking your son to counselling, you clearly really care about him and want to get him the right supports. 

Are you receiving any supports for yourself while you're going through this challenging time? 

You said you think of taking your life, I'm wondering what is helping you to keep yourself safe? There are supports available including Lifeline and the Suicide Callback service where you can speak to someone directly about how you're feeling, would you feel comfortable using either of these services?



I'm not sure how helpful the police will be for your situation, but if you are concerned about safety we would recommend contacting emergency services. I'm sorry you're going through this distressing time, we're here to support you and your wellbeing is important to us Heart


If you're feeling up to it, we've got an article here about talking to your teens about drugs which you might find helpful to have a look at. And I'll pop a link here to a drug and alcohol service near you. No pressure to have a look at these, just if you're interested and want to check them out. 

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Re: I doubt my 18 r old is using drugs

My heart goes out to you and it's great that you reached out here to voice your concerns. I found this parent forum myself for the first time tonight. We have a few ripples with our teenage kids and I usually chat with friends about all sorts but as I'm isolating due to covid, everyone's gone underground. I'd encourage you to read the resources on this web site and see a counsellor or psychologist yourself That way you're empowered and informed. You don't need to go through this alone and there are support groups and education for parents who are concerned. I attended one just to get my head around things. It's also hard as a parent once you're kids are old enough to make their own decisions and working out how to influence them in a positive way. That's a discussion I had today. It's not easy. 

Take care and hang in there. You are valued and the love you have for your child is really special and you clearly care a lot. Try and find some good and hopefully the seeds you've sown throughout your child's life will sprout and flourish and they'll take care of themselves. 

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Re: I doubt my 18 r old is using drugs

Well, it's good you found out early. You need a good specialist and a good talk with your child. Just try not to push him. I think the more friendly you'll be now, the better. 

Hope it's gonna be ok!