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If not a teacher then who?

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Re: If not a teacher then who?

Great post @Ngaio-RO. Bullying is a huge issue when it's taught by parents, and I agree, it's actually really sad for the young boy as he doesn't get the opportunity to learn.

I like the buddy idea, although I see the concerns invloved in that option too. I'm not sure about others, but my daughter was bullied most by girls in her own year.

Thank you for sharing that article, it was an interesting read. I think anti-bullying programs run independently of school is a fantastic idea. School just seem unable to deal well with the issue. A holistic approach is the best approach, I agree!

@Serapis22 brings up a good point too, that is easily forgotten when it's your child being bullied. The bully needs help and support too. If only all parents could be open to helping our kids, whichever side of that fence they fall.

@spaceman I look forward to hearing the feedback from the school.