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Internet Parental Controls Suggestions

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Internet Parental Controls Suggestions

Hi Everyone,

My name is Mitch, I am a homeschooling/ work-from-home / single mom of 2,  a 13 year old girl and a 3 year old boy. I am very happy to have found this site, hoping I could learn from others, show support and gain some advice as well on just everyday parenting. Having said this, due to my profile above, my growing concern is the content of what my kids view online. Well, originally, it wasn't really a concern, until I read an article, and it appears like there are a lot of parenting controls already available in the market. With the law of supply and demand, this can mean that there is really a need.

I am confident my kids listen to what I say, what to view on the internet and what not, but I understand too that they are still vulnerable to a lot of things. I was thinking, just for precaution, why not try these parental controls. There are a lot of options. Has anyone here used parental controls? Any suggestions? I am hoping to get something that's easy to use and at the same time suitable for my kids' ages. At the same time, whatever parental control I am going to purchase, I would be really happy if it would have a tracking device.


Thank you so much in advance for your thoughts!


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Re: Internet Parental Controls Suggestions

Hi Mitch, welcome to ReachOut and thanks for sharing. As you mention, being concerned about what our children have access to on the internet is quite common for parents. The list of accessible sites and programs can be completely endless without the use of restrictions. It is great that you are thinking of ways to protect your child online.


A lot of programs have inbuilt parental controls including web browsers, Windows itself and anti-virus programs. You could search some of the programs you use into Google and also have a look at their settings. If you are feeling at a loss, you could always contact a local computer shop or IT technician who may have suggestions for parental control. Could you please clarify what you mean by tracking device? As I understand, you are referring to monitoring internet use. A lot of web browsers contain a history that can track what websites and links are accessed Smiley Happy