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My son will be 5 in September. He has always been a little emotional but this past month, we’ve seen a dramatic change. Almost every time we leave somewhere he is enjoying, or he has to do something he doesn’t want to (go to daycare, go to bed, etc), it’s a major meltdown. We’ve tried so many different techniques but can’t ever figure out anything that works for him. We have already reached out to his Dr. and are beginning play therapy this week. I have never cried so much recently and I just don’t know if he is on the spectrum or there is something else going in with him. He also has these moments at school in front of all of his peers.
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Re: Meltdowns

Hi @Smith310,


I'm so sorry to hear that your son has been experiencing psychological distress and that this is causing you to worry. It is so hard to see our children suffering. It must be difficult for you if he is reacting this much each time you go to do seemingly simple tasks like leave or do something. It must also be so difficult for him. I'm glad to read that you have booked him in to see his doctor and that he'll be starting play therapy soon. I am reading that you are a very proactive and caring mother.


It's great that you reached out today and shared this with us. Looking after yourself during difficult times is very important and will help you cope, which means you'll be in a better position to support your son than if you didn't take the time to do so.  So please remember to look after yourself. You are welcome to post here for emotional support as you need it. Fingers crossed that things improve for you and him soon. If you feel up to it, we encourage you to update us on how things go with you/him. Heart


Re: Meltdowns

Hi, my son is 7 and very similar to yours by the sounds of it. He is now being assessed to see if he is also autistic. We are really struggling with meltdowns. Did you find anything that helped? My son is on medication too.
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Re: Meltdowns

Hi @Day86, thank you for sharing your story. It is great that you are reaching out to get support for your son. Meltdowns can be really difficult to manage, especially when you feel stuck. What supports do you have at the moment? What things have you tried already?

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