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Mobile phones and Children

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Mobile phones and Children

I'm sick of explaining to my kids the dangers of continuously utilizing the internet and a cell phone. Youngsters nowadays forget what it's like to play outside and with actual human pals rather than constantly playing with bots or internet friends. What should I do to keep them from using cell phones?

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Re: Mobile phones and Children

Hey @terrykrobertson ,


Thank you for sharing what is happening for you at the moment. It seems that the issue of phones is an issue many parents are facing. Some parents have given up on 'nagging' their kids about their phones.


The key is balance. Neither putting strict rules around phones, nor giving them endless time. Depending on the age of your children, it may be about setting limits and adding parental locks. However, if they are older, this will not go down well.


In many ways, phones have become kids' lifeline. It is a connection to the world and what is happening. Understanding the world we live in and that this younger generation have become digital 'natives' may mean there is only so much a parent can do.


Conversely, one of the healthiest ways of supporting your child through his is to model healthy habits. Consider how much time you are on the phone and model getting out, talking to people etc. Getting kids off phones becomes a family affair. For example, if you take the kids camping, there could be a no-phone policy during certain times of the day.


It's a tough one. We wish you all the best as you navigate this.


Re: Mobile phones and Children

I've definitely struggled with this issue too. A good approach might be setting specific times for no phone use, like during meals or before bed, and planning engaging family activities that don't involve screens. Leading by example and openly discussing the benefits of offline interactions can also make a big difference. It's all about finding the right balance!