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My son is swearing at me

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My son is swearing at me

My son hates me and he always thinks that I am intended to hurt him on porpus.
He shout and swear at me
I feel miserable, don't know what to do

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Re: My son is swearing at me

Hi there @Aiman and welcome to ReachOut Smiley Happy

I'm sorry to hear that this is going on with your son. I've never had children myself, but I can imagine that it is difficult when they have such strong negative feelings towards you.

You mentioned that this is making you feel miserable, have you shared this with anyone before? Sometimes seeing someone such as a professional counselor or just a trusted friend and sharing our feelings can be a great way to help ourselves. Another way we can help ourselves is self-care, which is doing activities that we enjoy and make ourselves feel better, do you have anything like that?
What do you think?

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Re: My son is swearing at me

Dear @Aiman

I know its terribly hurtful when our children lash out at us in inappropriate ways.  If my daughter says something to me that is rude or disrespectful I tell her- "You can be mad but you cant shout hurtful disrespectful things.  Its incredibly rude and it hurts my feelings. I do not deserve that even if you are angry."

Please know your son does love you.  He is just frustrated and probably thinks its the quickest way to get a reaction from you.  Are you able to not show a negative response and just step away from the encounter?  Sometimes not showing emotion after the outburst can bring it to a close faster.

Even if my daughter is acting out I stay calm and don't react and yell back.  Lately I am trying to model the behavior I would like to see from her.  Like calm conversation, thinking before I react to a situation, and apologizing if I do something not intended or insensitive to her.  Its one way I can parent even if I have no control over the actual situation.

I agree with @Jay-RO to share your feelings with someone like a friend or a counselor- don't keep hurt inside because it can fester.  Do something nice for yourself too.  I like to read in my car where I wont get interrupted.

hugs we are here to listen