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My son refuses to blow his nose

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My son refuses to blow his nose


My son refuses to blow his nose

Here are some key background notes:
I taught him how to blow his nose when he was 2 he did great never had a problem with it. Also he is almost 4 now and first year in school.
This year he has had a runny nose for a long time. Maybe cause its winter now.
I will admit I have caved and blew his nose for him. But when Im driving he wants me to do it and I have tried. His seat is far enough away from mine that it makes me swerve and feel unsafe while driving. I explained this to him and he understands. Today I told him he needs to start blowing his own nose as I cant all the time (we had alot of driving and errands today) he argued with me. Said no over and over again. I told him no video games or movies on my phone or tablet until he can blow his nose on his own. He said no mommy. I said thats fine by me no phone and no tablet.
Mind you he had tissue sitting on his lap to blow his nose with. He refused to touch it. I asked him if he was just being lazy and he said yes. He asked me to take him to his friends house so his friends mom can blow his nose and I said I will be letting her know not to blow his nose. Then he said he doesn't want me over at his friends house. I said I texted her.
I reminded him that there is snot coming out of his nose and he stared at me like I am the worst person alive.
As much as I want to help him he needs to do these things on his own. He will milk me if I let him. He gets really sad and mopey when I don't cave and Im trying to be strong and not cave into his habits of laziness as he says he is.
He hates it when I try to help him with crafts etc but things like wiping his butt and blowing his nose he gets super sad about. Help?
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Dear @Lookatthat78,


I'm sorry to hear that you're having a difficult time getting your son to blow his nose.


We encourage you to speak with a professional about your experience so that you can receive the right support, tailored to you and your son.


We noticed you're from America. We are an Australian-based service so our employees do not know all of the services available to you in America. In Australia, we have a helpline called Parentline, where parents can call for anonymous parenting advice. We would encourage you to do a google search for a  similar service in your country.


In Australia, we also have a website for parents of young children that has lots of great advice and information.

We encourage you to have a read of the articles on this website. Hopefully, you can find some information that is relevant to you and your situation.


Please let us know how you go!