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My teenager just had his first break-up

My teenager just had his first break-up

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Re: My teenager just had his first break-up

Yep, that sounds about right @Mitzi Smiley Very Happy


I recall @ziggystarmum talking about their eldest's first break up on another thread. Anyone else had to go through this?

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Re: My teenager just had his first break-up

Oh no...I am feeling all your sadness and frustration from the post. I too would be heartbroken if it were my son. And yes parents of girls need to teach them respect for boys just as parents of boys are expected to teach boys to respect girls...break ups are so so sad but I really hope it gives him an experience in life and helps him get closer to figuring out what qualities are most important in a relationship.
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Re: My teenager just had his first break-up

Hi @Mitzi 

My just 18 year old is in his first relationship and it has been a bit of a roller- coaster for me! I felt quite distanced from him for a while as he finished school, literally fled the nest(so to speak) and grew up over night. however i have kept the communication with him as strong as I can and we talk and text and he is sharing more and more (five months on). 

I think the main thing I have learnt is to keep letting him know how much we love him and enjoy seeing him having fun and how much I loathe the social media side of these modern relationships! They seem so intense and there is no detachment time. (and they see things that distress them re their partner)

We also keep encouraging him to spend time at home with his family even if its just for a meal or a chat.

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