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I am looking for advice about dealing with my 7 year olds friend who comes over unexpectedly with no communication and whose parents do not seem to want to engage much; especially the mom. Despite having sent my phone number to her mom she has never texted with me despite our children being friends for over a year. The only way we have been able to communicate is bc her husband gave his number to my husband. In my correspondence with the dad I have tried to get his wife’s number joking about how somehow we only have his to which the response was. Yeah my wife does that on purpose so that I have to manage the kids schedules. They have different rules for their child who is an entire year older than mine which also causes some awkwardness. Most recently the little girl invited herself over to a play date that my daughter was having with another friend and might show up at our house that day. Any thoughts or advice would be helpful
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Hi @Mamanic,

Thanks for sharing - this sounds like a really difficult and awkward situation to be in. As you mentioned, everyone handles parenting and rules differently. At the same time, this is creating some discomfort and confusion for you so it is totally understandable that you want to do something about it. You mentioned that you have the father's number... is it possible to talk to him about your concerns? If not, maybe you could talk to the father about suggesting a meetup with the mother as a way of getting to know each other, seeing as your children are spending more time together Smiley Happy What do you think? Please keep us updated!