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New behaviour- Throwing threatens

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New behaviour- Throwing threatens


New behaviour- Throwing threatens

Hello all,

Happy this forum exists and I found it!
I was searching online for some advice (and similar examples) of toddlers 3-4yo who start saying things... bit tough and heartbroken.
So for the 1st time ever my son (almost 4yo) yesterday did not like to follow the routine we usually have after child care and started throwing things. We usually say : we do not use our hands to throw things and being upset if ok, let's use our words. Well.... he did.... he said that he will leave home and be away from us, that he wants to hurt us physically (punch his parents, break their bones🙄 and stuff like these) and we got speechless. Even if this comes from school and other kids' behaviours how are we supposed to react?
When he was throwing all those threats we kept saying that we try to use nice words and open conversation instead of being rude. I don't know kinda had luck of gentle parenting at that point. I was socked.
Any advice on how to handle it are more than welcome!!
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Hi @Pikaboo 

Thanks for sharing with us, I imagine that must've been really distressing to hear those words coming from your son. Unfortunately, we are a service that focuses on supporting parents with teenagers, so are unable to provide the support you are looking for. However, if you haven't already done so, it may be an idea to chat to your son's childcare about your concerns and find out if he is displaying this behaviour there too. You may also like to check out Raising Children Network or contacting Parentline for some further support.