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New parent problems.

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New parent problems.

My daughter is just over four months old. My wife and I both work full time from home but I watch the baby during work and also all night 7 days a week for about 3 months now. My frustration at this setup is boiling to the surface but somehow I’m the bad guy for being exhausted and grumpy. Is there something I’m missing?
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Hi @Ryebread , 


Welcome to our forums. I can completely understand your exhaustion and frustration, parenting a 4 month old baby is challenging on its own, let alone balancing that with working full time from home at the same time and also working nights. I have two children myself, and can't begin to imagine how exhausted you must be.  Are there any affordable daycare options that might might help take the pressure off you and your wife? Do you have any support from family? 


It looks like you're in the USA, is that right? Unfortunately we're an Australian based service who focuses on parents of young  people aged 12-18 , so I don't have a lot of knowledge about support services available where you are. I did find this list of resources for families in the USA which looks like it might be helpful, at national parent helpline. 


It sounds like you are doing an amazing job balancing so many different commitments, how is your wife coping with the current set up? My heart really does go out to you both, that sounds pretty overwhelming and exhausting.