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Newish Member- Been reading but not writing. Many, many questions..

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Newish Member- Been reading but not writing. Many, many questions..

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Newish Member- Been reading but not writing. Many, many questions..

I “Reached Out” to this website/forum a little while ago now.
But never actually posted anything until now.
Been scrolling through the numerous content from people on here. Trying to interpret the information as best as I can.
One thing I have noticed is that there definitely seems to be a large number of people who have questions and concerns about parenting in general as I do.
However, one of my questions is
Does this actually assist people. Or is it all for naught??
I don’t have family around me like a majority of other people do, in order to get advice off or bounce ideas off.
Not that my family have ever been like that anyway..
I often find it is even worse being a Male.
Women always talk to other women about parenting because 99% of the time it seems as women are the ones actually parenting.
(Only my opinions and thoughts btw)
I also don’t have many friends anymore to rely on for advice from either. For numerous reasons. Main being, I feel I’m better off working than hanging out..
Not that anyone can due to Covid anyway.
I digress.
So, do people find this forum in particular helpful?
Have they found the answers to the questions that they were curious about?
I have scrolled through many of the posts and yet still seem confused as I ever was.
Is there a better way?
An easier way, to interpret this information/advice?
Do people actually get the responses/advice they required from this?
Or is it all a waste of time..

If you have taken the time to read this I thank you profusely.
If you respond, I am grateful even more so.
My Heartfelt appreciation and Kindest Regards.
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Re: Newish Member- Been reading but not writing. Many, many questions..

Hi Scmic

I enjoyed reading your post. In fact I feel very similar. I found this site mid last year and I only used it for a few messages but I didn't feel I got much out of it either. I dont think this is anyone's fault, its just there is such a large number of posts and each persons problems are (Obviously) very individual. I actually took a step back as I was becoming overwhelmed from all the messages and although I wanted to help I just didnt know where to start

My son late last year got his formal diagnosis of ADHD and Autisum and I am still trying to navigate the "system" all the referrals, paperwork and NDIS. I don't think i am stupid but I am struggling to understand it all too.

For me I think having someone I can talk to that has gone through something similar is of the most help. I have met one other parent (In person through a work friend) Her son also has ADHD and Autism of the same age so we have met a few times and I can say after leaving I felt so much better. Just to talk to someone that actually understands is priceless


I dont know that I or anyone here can help you but I can offer - as best as able, my ears if you need. 

Good luck. I do hope you find even the smallest bit of help here. If not keep looking Smiley Wink