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Nine year old boy with aggression

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Nine year old boy with aggression


Nine year old boy with aggression

Hi, I’m a single mum with two kids 9 & 10. My boy (9) has had problems with aggression since I separated with his dad 5 years ago. He still has bad emotional outbursts up to weekly where he breaks things and sometimes hits me. He’s seen 2 psychologists one said he’s normal and it will be ok because my relationship with him is good, the other said he’s just naughty. He’s a angel at school.
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Re: Nine year old boy with aggression

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Hi @Blossom45,

Thank you for sharing. It must be so difficult to be in your situation - raising two kids alone while trying to manage challenging behaviours. The separation must have been distressing and hard on everyone in your family. Has the separation been explored with the psychologists?

It would be really upsetting to have to witness your son breaking things and hitting you while feeling really distressed and also needing to manage your own emotions and response. What do you do when these emotional outbursts occur? Do you have any of your own support at the moment? Whether that is from family, professionals or friends? I have found a local resource which might be helpful for you, depending on your location. One is about emotional regulation tools and the other is support for parents who have experienced family breakdown.

Please feel welcome to let us know how you go. 

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Re: Nine year old boy with aggression

Hello, @Blossom45 your situation is critical. I think more attach to his father. Then you separated from his father. The total scenario is changed for him so it takes time.  

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