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Not following instructions

My 12 year old son is not good in following instruction. He doesn't remember the home works or preparations. But some how he is managing most classes, but only from a particular teacher I am getting complains. The reason is identified that I this particular session, he get to see a different group of students who were with him in primary school. With other teacher he is in a different section and he is much better. 


He was bullied earlier in primary school and he is usually the youngest and tallest in the class.


Please suggest, what should I do?

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Re: Not following instructions

Hi @mohammad and welcome to ReachOut Parents! We hope you find this is a safe an supportive environment to talk about this issues important to you and your children.


Wanting to make sure that I understand the situation, am I right in saying that your son is struggling with one class, but doing well in the others? Is it only this one class you are seeing behaviour changes?


You've mentioned there have been complaints from the teacher, have you had the opportunity to speak with the teacher about their concerns and how you can both work together to help your son in the classroom?


Bullying can have a really big impact on young people, particularly when it is happening at such a young age. How does your son feel about it now? Is he still in the classes with the children that were showing bullying behaviours?


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