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I looking for advice. My 10 yr old daughter recently came out to me and a couple family members as pansexual.We are 100% behind her. I've always told my kids love is love, I don't care who as long as you are happy. She hasn't told her dad (my ex) because he has made homophobic comments in past and has a tendency of getting angry for no real reason. Background, my ex is a narcissist. My sister told me my nephew-in-law also told his family that he was pan at 10. Any advice would be helpful so I can help my daughter continue on her journey with as much understanding as I can. I know she doesn't trust my ex to speak to him about anything, she won't even ask him for help with homework. I know she knows she can come to me with anything, but this is all new info for me and I want to learn as much as I can

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Hey @Amethyst31 

Thanks so much for sharing this with us, it is always incredibly heartwarming to read about the way that parents support their children, particularly when it comes to sexuality or gender. She must feel so safe with you and its clear how much you love her and the welcoming, supportive environment you've provided her that lets her be who she is - and celebrate who she is! Heart 

We have a couple of content pieces around sexuality that might have some of the info and tips you're looking for, here is things to try and here is some info around supporting teens with sexuality.  

It's wonderful that you want to increase your understanding as much as you can, this can be a beautiful opportunity to allow your daughter to educate you - she is the expert after all! Could you ask her about if there is anything she would like you to know about pansexuality? Or if there is any support you can give her around maybe one day telling her dad if that is what she wants?

There are also lots of great resources on Minus18, a service for LGBQTIA+ young people. They have heaps of info for parents that could be worth looking at, it could even be something you two look at together Smiley Happy

All the best!

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Re: Pansexual

I hear you when you say you feel like you're on a roller coaster and that you have no idea what to do. It can be incredibly confusing. But is there a possibility that you could decide to do nothing and just see what happens for a while?

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