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Play dates

My 9yo daughter often has friends over to socialise. Her friend across the road whom attends a different school often comes and joins in. During covid they socialised over social media which resulted in her friend across the road saying some horrible things to my daughter and calling her names. After we discussed it she asked her friend to stop, but it didn't. So we decided it was best to not communicate with her and my daughter closed all contact with her. On Friday my daughter had a friend over and the girl across the road came over and apologised for her behaviour and the girls all played together. On Saturday the girl across the road came over and started playing with my daughter, stating she was having a friend come over later that day that she met through my daughter. Their friend turned up and came to my house and played for a while. They then played in the street on scooter's. Once finished they went across the road to the friends house and my daughter came home in tears. She told me the mother had sent her home so the girls could have some 1 on 1 time. Of course my daughter was confused as I have never sent her friend home when playing here. I understand that the friend coming over was organised across the road. If my daughter had instigated playing before their friend showed up it would be reasonable to send her home. I'm slightly perplexed as how to explain to my daughter why she has been excluded. I'd talk to the parents except they didn't appreciate me showing them screenshots of the names my daughter was called online by their daughter. Its making living in such close proximity quite uncomfortable.