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Please Save Our Sleep

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I’m the Father or two beautiful little girls . 11 months old and 2.7 years old. From 12 weeks old tie 2.7 year old was a perfect sleeper . All she needed was a kiss goodnight and she would put herself to sleep until woken the next morning !! Amazing I know … as of late (1 month) every couple of nights .. she is absolutely not wanting to go to sleep !! She is using every excuse to be awake. Screaming and yelling till 830-9pm or later ! Her bedtime was always been between 620-7 . We have tried tiring her out . Diet is good . Please help !!
It’s taking 2 hours to get her down to sleep .. after reading two books . Then stroking her head and letting her a story for 1 hour and a half it’s getting tiring !! And suggestions advice help or professionals !?
Thanks a million
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Hi @savemysleep and welcome to the online community!


I'm sorry to hear that you've been having so much trouble getting your daughter to sleep lately, it sounds like it's been a really exhausting month for you. You mentioned that your daughter used to be a really good sleeper up until recently - has any part of her routine changed, or has it just started out of the blue?


Our service is usually designed for parents of teens between 12-18, so our resources may not be particularly useful for you given that your daughters are so young. However, the Raising Children Network has some fantastic resources on parenting younger children which you might find helpful. They have a whole section here on getting toddlers to sleep, so feel free to give it a read. Alternatively, if you feel like chatting with someone directly, the Pregnancy, Birth and Baby hotline (1800 882 436) gives you the chance to speak with a maternal child health nurse if that sounds like something that might interest you. 


Hang in there, @savemysleep. We hope that you're stealing small moments to look after yourself where you can Heart