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Preschool behaviour


Preschool behaviour

My 3/4 yr old son is in preschool, 3 days a week. The carers at the preschool have some concerns about him, becoz he’s apparently not socialising much with the kids, he only seems to have this one friend who he is with at all times, this kid seems to influence him a lot. Where they both do not take part in any of the activities. And would just go off and play by themselves.

the other thing is the carers have said that my son is not meeting the academic skills of a 3-4yr old. But at home he is a different child, he is able to do so much more academically than he does at preschool.

has anyone had this problem with their kids? He has a sibling who has just turned 1.

We would like to see him happy and sociable with all the kids, and also be able to take part in all the activities as required of him at the preschool.

would love to hear of your opinions. Thanks

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Re: Preschool behaviour

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Hey there @Hermonie 


Thank you  for sharing your concerns here, I can imagine that having the preschool share this with you would have been stressful. It is nice to hear that your son has a friend he feels comfortable spending time. 


Many children don't easily transition into preschool/school learning environments and this can happen for a range of reasons. I'm confident that this is common but in saying this I do understand your need for support. 


I have linked a service here that provide amazing content on all areas of development for children. It might be a better fit for you as our age range focuses on teenagers and young adults. 


I hope you're able to find some answers and support there. 

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