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Im a 55 yr old mom with two grown daughters 34, 29. i also have 3 grandsons and another grandbaby on the way. I watch my two youngest grandbabies Monday thru Friday and im so in love with them. The cousins are 6wks apart just over a year old. Their mothers (my daughters) are part of whats broken me. The oldest grandson is 3 his brother is 13mo and hes the one with the new baby on the way. I was invited to go trick or treating for the first time. I was excited and dressed up. When we got there his mom asked me to put on his costume. I did as asked and then he started walking towards the decorated house across the street i grabbed his hand and was walking towards the house to give everyone else the chance to get the babies ready and the wagon etc .. Suddenly my daughter his mom is screaming from across the street. Fir me to stopvand then to the others (other daughter, son n laws and my husband that I'm going to take him to the house without her at the top if her lungs. People stop and look at me like im stealing her kid. I immediately stop and trun towards her she is mad and still complaining out loud that I am ruining her Halloween. When she approaches i give her her sons hand but he says he wants to go with me. Tobbe truthful at this point I'm hurt and confused and angry and just want to leave and go home. So i say to her im not allowed to go with him she then says are you going to hurt him. Which I never want to do. So I take his hand and try to get him to go with her but hes not having it. I try to talk to her she's crying and says she doesn't want to talk to me. So i take his hand and we go thru the front spooky yard thing with them right behind us. And then I remove myself from the process and push the wagon. Im shell shocked im not sure wtf just happened. I never want to take anything away from her. I apologize telling her it was never my intention to take him up to the house wascjust following him and keeping him safe. Today im sad im still confused and im wary. Her Husband just text about s trip to cut down Christmas trees and im filled with anxiety. Should I bow out does she really not want me there and just making the jester??
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Hey @brokenmom

Welcome to our Parents Forums!

Thank you for sharing this with us. I’m sorry to hear about what happened on Halloween. It sounds like it must have been very confusing and hurtful for you. 

It is understandable how upsetting this must be for you and how it has caused some anxiety. I was wondering whether you had any supports or if there was anyone that you could speak to about this?

I was wondering if you have spoken to your daughter about this to gain some clarity around what happened and to express how you’re feeling? Do you think that speaking to her would help ease some of your anxiety around going with them to cut down Christmas trees?

I also wanted to check in to see how you're feeling after sharing this?