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i grew up in a religious household, i have not believed in this religion for years but continued to be forced into it. i would like to show my child multiple religions, and allow them to choose what they want. religion or no religion.
when should i start this topic with my child? and how should i go about it?

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Hey @doodlecheese welcome to the forum!

This is a really interesting question, thanks so much for asking it, I'm really keen to hear what other parents on the forum have to say about this.

I think it's really great that you want to have this conversation with your child and give them the choice on what they want Smiley Happy


I suppose I can't say what age might be best for this, but perhaps if your child is school-age and their school has a scripture program you could open the conversation with asking how they feel about that? Or maybe you could discuss some recent religious holidays/festivals and find out what your child knows about them?

I feel what you've expressed in your post here that you want your child to have choice and not be forced into any beliefs shows how deeply you care, and I'm sure however you have this conversation that sentiment will shine through Heart 

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Re: Religion

You are not an expert on any religion so just tell your son to watch every youtuber that are expert on this topic. tell him to watch cosmic skeptic to learn about atheism,scdawah to learn about islam and shamounian to learn about christianity. Anyone over 13 will understand about religion